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Wondering where all the quality single women in San Antonio are? San Antonio Matchmakers has a diversified membership of Single women in the area. We are ready to introduce you to like-minded, quality single women that match your interests, values and relationship goals. We have offices in San Antonio to serve you.

Let Our Matchmakers Work for You

San Antonio Matchmakers takes the work out of dating and allows you to have all the fun. Our experienced matchmaking team will work closely with you in order to hand select only those introductions that closely match your predefined requests.

San Antonio Matchmakers’ offline approach provides background screening on all of our clients, which you surely can’t find with an online service. We offer a confidential service and guarantee that your profile is completely private. There are no pictures or profiles to sort through like you find with Internet dating.

The Matchmaking Advantage Has Never Been Easier

At San Antonio Matchmakers, our male clients are often surprised at how simple it really is to get started meeting the right kind of single women. Don’t waste another second meeting those women you share nothing in common with. Our expert matchmakers will coach you through the entire process. Simply fill out our questionnaire, and you’ll see what so many other Texas bachelors already know. San Antonio Matchmakers is the best way to meet that woman you have been waiting your life for! Register today!

“I am happy to report that I am falling in love with a wonderful woman who loves me as much as I love her. I am very glad that you introduced me to Geno; she is intelligent, adventurous, kind, philosophical, open-minded, and affectionate. Oh, and beautiful too. We spend every moment together that we can, and we’re both very happy together, exploring our relationship, falling in love, and planning our future. We’ll be going to Europe together next month. It’s all very wonderful and exciting, and I have you to thank for it.

I don’t know how you found Geno for me. I remember being hesitant to meet her because I initially didn’t think her profile matched what I was looking for, but you encouraged me to meet her based on personality and compatibility and you were definitely right; you saw possibilities for us that I couldn’t, and now I’m so happy that I took your expert advice.

So please put my account on hold, hopefully forever. You’ve been great and I wholly recommend your company and you specifically to everyone I know, but here’s to hoping that I never have need of your services again!

Sincerely, Blake”